Richhood is a private overseas employment agency (License No. 539/061/062) which is registered under the Ministry of Labor. It is well known as one of the highly reputed and reliable Company in Nepal, mainly for supplying various types of manpower abroad from Nepal. This Company is basically concentrating for Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to expand our network such as Bahrain, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Israel, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

By working to exceed the exacting standards of all of our clients, awe offers and unusually wide-reaching and extremely high quality work force with all necessary training and qualifications, from which individual employees are selected for prospering employers all over the world.

Our expertise in this field have been able to gain trust and goodwill from valued clients who entrusted us with repeat business opportunities. We have been providing our valued clients various categories of manpower from unskilled laborers to highly skilled professionals.

We commitment to quality service, dedication to good business practice, trustworthiness among the people. We have been encouraged to strengthen and maintain our values and commitment to service par excellence.

Nepalese people have proven their bravery, quality of hard work and honesty in many countries around the world. From climbing Mount Everest to the British Gurkha Regiments where they fought bravely during the second world war, Nepalese have always lived up to their reputation of dedicated, honest, hard working.