February 9, 2018

We here by appoint

M/s. Richhood Overseas Incorporate P. Ltd.
Tel: 00977-1-4382899
(Lic. No. 539/061/062 Under Government of Nepal Dept. of Labour)

To be our true and lawful recruiting agent for Nepali Worker on behalf of as per the demand letter issued in their favor.

They are empowered to sign all necessary document and arranging employment contract with the recruited workers as far as the recruitment is concerned and as required by the laws and regulations of the required persons to the work visa.

In witness where of we have executed this document on the day.

This power of attorney is limited to the requirement of the said demand letter and expires in the completion of this recruitment.

Thanking you
With best regards

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Power Of Attorney
February 9, 2018

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